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About Us


 Living in such a divided world, we would like to assist like-minded individuals in bring positive vibes, hope & light to this negative, hopeless& dark world while promoting love, unity, & most important god’s kingdom with our designs.


 When my oldest 2 kids were still in high school, I noticed the types of shirts and sweaters that they were wanting me to add to their school clothes shopping list. Of course, these shirts were what was popular at the time and the latest trends among this hip-hop driven culture and i can’t even lie they were dope shirts, however one day i notice a symbol that I recognized almost hidden in the design of the shirt. It was a Baphomet.

 Since that day it was like my eyes were open i began to see more and more demonic symbolism everywhere on these high-end high-priced clothing geared towards our youth. This angered me & no longer were those name brands something that we purchased nor were welcomed to be worn by our children. Of course, my kids didn’t share my convictions but eventually they understood and agreed but what about their friends and my nephews and nieces & the rest of the world?

 It really bugged me that the enemy was using fashion to get the youth to want to wear the shirt because of the creative designs and colors while at the same time unwillingly supporting& promoting demonic symbols and signs. Why can’t the youth be this excited to wear clothing that promoted godly messages and symbolism? That’s when the idea of Dunamis Minds was sparked.


DUNAMIS- Dunamis is used close to 120 times in the new testament. Loosely, the word refers to “strength, power, or ability.” It is the root word of our English words dynamite & dynamic.

MINDNot to be confused with the physical organ “the brain “the mind is not physical, it’s spiritual & eternal having to do with the soul. The soul is made up of your mind, will & emotions

Powerful minds powerful souls...

Dunamis Minds!



Our goal is to assist you in expressing your faith boldly with love for the world to see. Our faith-based products are sure to grab attention & can be a great conversation icebreaker.

We have had the opportunity to sponsor 2 children through compassion international & it has been a blessing to both them & us.

We thought maybe we could help even more children by donating $1 from every item sold to compassion. So that’s what we decided to do. Now you are not only supporting our vision, not only being walking billboards for the kingdom when wearing our designs but you are also helping a child in need EVERYTIME you make a purchase at checkout.

Thank you in advance for your help, support & prayers

 - Mr4givin Owner