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There is Only One Way

There is Only One Way

June 16, 2019

Being born in 1973 things have changed a lot in this nation since then & in my opinion not so much for the better. With the introduction to the internet, information is no longer bound by books or confined to the minds of intelligent thinkers. Its all at our fingertips unfortunately so is people opinions. It's sometimes hard to distinguish truth from opinion because if you argue for one thing you can find just as many arguments against that same thing you consider to be true. The only constant in this realm is God's Word (Isaiah 40:8)

NCoexsistowadays there is an inclusion movement happening around the globe. Have you seen the "Coexist" bumper sticker? it is a bumper sticker depicting the symbols for the major religions of the world as making up the letters to spell out the word "Coexist"

On the surface this seen as a pleasant harmless saying, promoting unity and love for our fellow human but it is very deceptive. This movement is giving off the notion that all roads lead to Rome,  that whoever you choose to worship to live for it doesn't matter because we all serve the same God we just call him by different names. 

Well, The word of The only true living God ya knows the One who is Unchanging.  However John 14:6 states that There is only ONEWAY to Yahweh & that is through His Son Yeshua. To each his own but as for me & my house... We gonna sever Yah.


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- Mr4givin

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